Remember when Biden “dominated” Ryan in VP debate?

Consensus is that Trump will roll a cognitively weakened Biden in next week’s debate.

Fearing the worst, Pelosi’s has advised Slow Joe to skip the debates, giving rise to fringe conjecture that Biden won’t post for the debate.

Wildest machination that I’ve heard is that Biden will claim to have tested positive for COVID right before the debate — getting him some shoulda-stayed-home sympathy and a doc’s note for his absence.  All followed by a DeWine-like negative test on Sept. 30.

My view: Biden will show up and, given expectations, Trump has lots of downside … and, Biden has lots of upside.

Flashback to the way Biden shredded Paul Ryan in 2012 …

click for 3-min excerpt

Ryan had the IQ edge by about 100 points and brought his clean-as-a-Scout persona.

So, how did Biden handle him?


First, Biden didn’t lose his cool … he smiled throughout the debate.

That gave him cover for astonishingly aggressive behavior.  For example…

Biden interrupted Ryan’s answers a record-setting 83 times.

Since it was “Smilin’ Joe”, the moderator let him get away with it,

He frequently laughed at Ryan when Boy-Paul was giving answers.

At the time, I was TV-screaming at Ryan to tell Biden to “Start acting like a vice president and stop braying like a jackass”.

He didn’t take my advice…

Bottom line: Facts & logic didn’t matter … it was all about theatrics and presence.

Biden rose to the occasion.  Ryan never got traction.

As one tweeter put it:



I think that Biden will try a different tactic this time around.

No question, the bar has been set at limbo heights for Biden.  If he doesn’t drip drool, the MSM (and maybe voters) will declare him victorious.

I expect Biden to use his physical & mental frailty to his advantage … hoping for sympathy when folks see a bully repeatedly cold-cocking an old man.

He won’t be able to out-bully Trump.

If he tries, he’ll lose.

Trump needs to be aggressive without being mean … and needs to push one of Biden’s buttons to get him angry, flustered and off his game plan.

For example, rather than a litany of Hunter’s sins, dropping a line like “Joe knows even less about COVID than his son Hunter knows about the Ukrainian energy business” … “I guess Joe is being coached by John Kerry … on every issue, he was for it before he was against it” . Game on!


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