Uh-oh: Biden calls troops “stupid bastards”…

Not anonymous sources … on tape!

You probably remember the Atlantic article that quoted 4 anonymous sources claiming that Trump called soldiers “losers & suckers”.

29 named sources — including Trump nemesis John Bolton, who was in the room when the slurs are alleged to have been made —  refuted the accusations.

Nonetheless, Biden ran with the story.

In an emotional speech, he said the words made him as mad as he’s ever been …  that they trampled on the memory of  his late son Beau.

Subsequently, Biden has used the discredited Atlantic reporting in TV ads and in many of his speeches.

That may end.


A video has surfaced of Biden addressing a group of soldiers.

click to view 10 sec snippet … transcript below.

The verbatim:

Clap for that, you stupid bastards.

Come on, man.

Man, you all are a dull bunch.

Must be slow here, man.”

Biden’s faithful say he was just making a joke.

Doesn’t look like the soldier in the picture thought the joke was very funny.

Think Biden will use the “losers & suckers” line in Tuesday’s debate?

I’m betting the under on that one.


P.S. I am betting the over on Twitter and Facebook banning the video as “disinformation”.

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