GA Senate Races – Odds & Polls

RCP Poll-of-Polls

Purdue leading by 2 in prior week’s polls


Loeffler leading by 3 in prior week’s polls



PredictIt Betting Market

Betting markets indicating 73-29 chance that
at least one of the GOP candidates will win.

What will be the balance of power in
Congress after the 2020 election?


Will Democrats win the White House,
Senate and House in 2020?


One Response to “GA Senate Races – Odds & Polls”

  1. Gary Blemaster Says:

    Do you think we have a good chance? I have to make some big tax decisions on December 30! I figure even if the Dems win again it will take them sometime to get organized and pass tax legislation. On the other hand the dems say that all tax changes will be retroactive to Jan1 2020.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated😱

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