NEW: COVID Vaccine Dashboard

Including links for US & State data

Source: CDC
Update: 1/2/2021

U.S. Total
Doses Distributed    13,071,925
Doses Inoculated      4,225,756
% Doses Used            32.3%
Inoculations / Day      715,584



  1. Primary data source is CDC 
  2. CDC aggregates states’ reporting which is lagged and often incomplete … so, numbers are “at least” numbers
  3. “Doses Distributed” are those received by the individual states for subsequent redistribution to inoculation sites
  4. “Doses Inoculated” are shots administered.  This is the key number to watch.
  5. “% Doses Used” is an indicator of distribution “local efficiency” … actually getting the vaccine administered to patients
  6. “Inoculations / Day” is the average daily “throughput” between reporting dates.


Data source links & samples are below…

CDC Vaccinations Data

Top Line Data

Penetration by state
The darker the shade of of blue, the higher is the state’s sots administered per 100,000 population.


State by state data
Move the cursor over over the map to get each state’s data.  For example:



Washington Post Vaccination Tracker
Scroll down to “Jump to State” selection box.
For example:


One Response to “NEW: COVID Vaccine Dashboard”

  1. Bob Heflin Says:

    Good job of keeping us informed Cuz.
    This is the first time being really old is an advantage. I’m scheduled to get my first dose of vaccine on Jan 20.
    Da Cuz

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