Joe’s 100-in-100 Goal: A lay-up or a long 3-pointer?

In a post early last week (Jan. 18 to be specific), I commended Biden for elevating the priority of “shots in arms”  … you know, the ”100 million in 100 days” thing.

But, I asked: 100 million what — 100 million doses or 100 million people fully vaccinated (i.e. having gotten both doses).

Specifically, I opined:

This may sound like nit-picky semantics, but it’s a big difference.

If it’s 100 million doses, it’s a lay-up.

Last week, we were already hovering around 1 million shots per der day … best day was over 1 million; 7-day average was 775k per day.

Simple math: 1 million doses per day times 100 days equals, drum roll, 100 million “shots in arms”.

But having 100 million people fully vaccinated (i.e. both doses) is a long 3-point shot (from about mid-court).

My back-of-envelope estimate is that 100 million doses in 100 days would translate to about 70 million people fully vaccinated (since many folks will be taking 2 bites of the apple).

That’s a big difference … but still a commendable goal (especially if my wife & I are among the 70 million!).

Well, it took a couple of days but at last Thursday, a reporter sheepishly asked Biden if the goal shouldn’t be a bit higher since we’re already doing over a million shots a day.


Biden’s answer: ‘When I originally announced the goal, you guys said it couldn’t be done. C’mon man, give me a break.”

I think the reporter may have touched a nerve…


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