Oops: Not all states are getting their ‘fair share’ of vaccine.

In our prior post re: States’ Performance Rankings, we naively assumed that “all states are getting supplied vaccine roughly proportionate to their populations”.

I decided to test out that assumption and guess what?

Unless one takes a VERY broad interpretation of “roughly”, our going-in assumption is not true.

Let’s go through the numbers…


The CDC reports Total Doses Distributed (by the Feds to the States) .. and Doses Administered per 100K  (by the states)– a per capita measure standardized based on each state’s population.

On average, states have received 14,769 per capita Doses Distributed (or, in my preferred terminology, “supplied”).

The  range runs from a low of 10,879 per 100K in South Carolina to 26,403 in Alaska … that’s a range of 15,000 per capita from high to low.

The Top 10 states average 17,751 — which is 20% higher than the average across all states.


Per capita, Alaska & DC have received 78% and 42% over the average, respectively.

Florida is the only big state of the Top 10 that has received disproportionately high vaccine distributions (7% more than average).


At the other end of the list:

The Bottom 10 states average 12,702 per 100K — which is 16% lower than the all states’ average.


Worst Cases:  South Carolina Nevada have received 26% and 18% under the per capitaaverage, respectively.

There are 3 large states in the Bottom 12 (Illinois, Ohio and Texas) that appear to be getting disproportionately low vaccine distributions.


Is your state getting more or less than its fair share?

Below is a heat map with all states data …


Green = High / Above Average
Yellow & Orange = Average
Red    = Low /  Below Average


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