COVID: So, where do we stand now?

We haven’t  checked the numbers in awhile, so…


Close to Biden’s original goal of 70% of adults … almost 90% of seniors (over 65) … almost 40% of teenagers (just under 10 million).


Central question: What’s the upward limit in vaccine compliance?

WSJ: “With each day, as more Americans are vaccinated, an unvaccinated person’s likelihood of encountering the disease or spreading it goes down, as does his incentive to accept the risk of vaccination. ”

Especially given recent trends in Covid death rates…


Covid-related deaths

The covid death rate continues to hover around 250 … roughly the in-season death rate associated with the flu … and down 66% from a month ago; down 66% from 3 months ago; and down 92% from the mid-January peak.



Covid cases

The confirmed case count has turned up from its trough … roughly double what it was a month ago … worth closely watching, but not hair-on-fire time.

Keep in mind that the current rate is still down 66% from 3 months ago … and down 89% from the mid-January peak.



Bottom line: Farther along than most people imagined possible, but not out of the woods yet…

One Response to “COVID: So, where do we stand now?”

  1. Dr. David Page Says:

    Keep watching the numbers as the “goal posts” are moved and a fall and winter surge picks up. Public Health Service employees will be blaming the public for the uptick AFTER original VAX targets are reached. They will say VAX people will still need masks, stay out of crowds, etc. Not bad ideas BUT contrary to original “promises.” Could it be that breakthrough cases, which are NOT being closely reported, recorded nor counted, evidence the future of routine boosters? ALL likely unnecessary if censorship did NOT prevent general knowledge of the efficacy of treating Vitamin D Deficiency to boost immune systems AND the use of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin for breakthrough cases. Those non-patent options would not make Big Pharma happy. They also evidence negligence on the part of Public Health Officials who shirk their jobs AND ignore published science that could save lives!

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