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Dilbert asks: “Who wants a bully in the White House?”

August 24, 2021

Is it really better to have a groveler-in-chief dealing with our adversaries?


Watching Biden Biden grovel to (1) the Taliban, asking them to please let Americans leave Afghanistan after his botched troop draw down, (2) Putin, asking for permission to establish air bases in Asia … and being told to pond sand, (3) OPEC, asking them to boost oil production to offset the forced cut in U.S. oil production and ease gas pump inflation, I recalled a prior (and once again on-point and timely) HomaFiles post.


During the 2016 Presidential campaign, cartoonist Scott Adams hit the nail on the head on his Dilbert blog, …

Adams observed that, during the campaign, Hillary’s constant refrain was that we can’t have a loose cannon bully in the White House.

Of course, Dems and their media friends kept that notion front-burnered during the campaign.



Adams cut to the chase on on “Dangerous Trump”:


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