The question that I want somebody to ask Biden, Psaki or Fauci…

Our past couple of posts dealt with the omicron outbreaks at colleges and in pro sports.

Those venues share a common behavioral trait: practically all of the college students and athletes are fully vaccinated … yet, omicron is spreading fast enough that students are being sent home (potentially to spread the virus there) and sporting events are being postponed or cancelled.

In this week’s speech, Biden — a bit more restrained than usual —  repeatedly took shots (pun intended) on the the folks who are unvaccinated … still implying that the roughly 1/4 of adults who are unvaccinated are the predominant cause of the spread.


So, the question I’d like some reporter to ask Biden, Psaki or Fauci is:

College campuses are relatively contained and controlled environments. 

College administrators have mandated vaccinations (reportedly with >98% compliance) and enforced strong mitigation practices, including masking.

So, how do you explain the surge of covid cases on college campuses?


That’s not intended as an anti-vax question.

I’m both fully vaccinated (i.e. 2 shots) and “boosted”, so I don’t take Biden’s admonition personally.

But, I want to understand risks of my catching and transmitting the virus.


P.S. For the “textbook” answer to the question, see: Colleges hit by surge in covid cases…

The essence of the answer: Waning vaccine effectiveness among “cohorts” of students who got vaccinated at approximately the same time … right before the school year started.

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