Biden: “I will welcome the Ukrainian refugees.”

Finally, I agree with him on something!

My ancestry is 100% Polish and Ukrainian.

So, emotionally, I have a dog in this fight and I was pleased that…

Last week, following the lead of Poland and other western European nations, President Biden remarked:

I will welcome the Ukrainian refugees. 

We should welcome them here with open arms. 

To that end…

> The Administration has granted temporary protected status to some 75,000 Ukrainians already in the U.S.

> CNN reported that the White House may expedite the resettlement process for Ukrainian refugees with ties to the U.S.

> The WSJ opined that “if small and relatively poor Eastern European nations can take in hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, a country as large and wealthy as the U.S. can also do its part.”


As the WSJ points out, the humanitarian need is clear … and, as a country, we have the wherewithal to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

And, for background, as we previously posted:

Ukraine’s population is about 45  million.

Over 70% of Ukrainian workers have secondary or higher education.

The literacy rate is near 100% among its youngest generations.

The workforce has one of the highest levels of English proficiency in post-Soviet countries.  Source

Ukraine’s workforce — commonly reported to be highly skilled  — is the product of the country’s educational system.  Source

The Ukrainian education system is intensely focused on technical and scientific disciplines.

With over 130,000 engineering graduates annually, Ukraine is home to the largest IT engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe. Source

Bring ‘em on, Joe.

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