My marathon day at Disney…

Let’s take a break from Ukraine and inflation today.

In March 2020, one of my sons and one of his appropriately aged sons (i.e. one of my grandsons) were booked for a Spring Training trip to Florida.

Then came Covid and  the lockdown.

Despite our non-cancellable reservations, Southwest gave us flight credits for future use. Thanks SWA.


Finally. with Covid in remission, we dared to try again.

This time, a second grandson met the age cut-off and made the travel team.

Minor set-back: the MLB lockout.

So, the “Homa Party of 4” shifted gears and headed for Disney.


Another setback: Rain on 3 of the 4 days (isn’t Florida supposed to be the “Sunshine State”?) and thermometers hitting the 30s (where’s global warming when you need it?).

Undeterred, on the one good weather day, we set out — big & little men on a mission — to make the most of it.

Man, and did we ever!

By my iPhone numbers:

  • 13 hours
  • 22,821 steps
  • 7.8 miles

Infographically, over 25 activities (as recorded by my grandson and me):


Bottom line: Mission accomplished … probably more (way more?) than a “normal” family does in 4 days … nothing I would have rather been doing on that day … great for “Pops” mental health … blessed with a great son (and even greater grandkids) who were willing to include me.


A couple of trip notes:

> Flights were full … oversold going and returning … SWA’s $900 in credits for waiting until the next flight were tempting (well, not really)

> Masks required on the flight … all passengers  complied (some wearing their non-N95 masks passive aggressively)… no flight attendants hassled by passengers (or vice versa)

> HUGE crowd and long lines at Disney

Example: We were thru the gates when the park officially opened at 9 o’clock … we sprinted to Mine Train … by the time we got to the ride, the posted wait time was 90 minutes.

Note: I suspect there was a backdoor into the park that we didn’t know about.

> Disney’s new pricing schemes make gas pumps look like oases.

In rough numbers, $150 gets you through the gates and 4 “lightning passes” that allow you to cut some lines (with reservations that may or may not be available) … a couple of “top tier” rides require an additional $12 ante (per rider) 

> Disney’s attention to customer service and cheerful “cast members” is still intact

Example: When my grandson’s  $8 ice cream cone was bumped out of his hand, a cast member immediately gave him a complementary replacement. Saved the moment.

> Much of the huge crowd was HUGE … tagging overweight as “highly vulnerable” to severe Covid consequences doesn’t seem to have put America on a mass weight reduction program … hmmm.

> Kids love Disney … our kids, for sure … and universally, from what I observed.


So, would I do it again?

You bet I would!

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