WSJ: Closed captions are cool now…

Just ask anyone under 40.

A year or two ago, I was watching a movie with my teenaged granddaughter.

She turned on “closed captions” to “hear” the dialogue more clearly.

Holy cow …  I didn’t know you could do that.

And, I assumed that only some of us seniors had trouble understanding TV dialogue.

Now, as the WSJ puts it:

Closed captions—which display text in the same language as the original audio—have been crucial for a long time for many people with hearing loss.

They’re now a must-have for plenty of people without hearing loss, too, helping them better understand the audio or allowing them to multitask.

More specifically:

In a May survey of about 1,200 Americans:

70% of adult Gen Z respondents (ages 18 to 25) and 53% of millennials (26 to 41) said they watch content with text most of the time.

That’s compared with slightly more than a third of older respondents Source

Among the reasons “legitimizing” captions (beyond hearing loss) are:

  • Separate dialogue from background noise and music
  • “Decipher” accents or muttered dialogue.
  • Avoid disturbing others (at home or at work)
  • “Enjoy” discrepancies between the captions and the voiced dialogue
  • Facilitate multi-tasking (e.g. carrying on a conversation while watching a show)

Bottom line: Captions can add to a viewing experience whether you’re young or old … and are now “de-stigmatized” for aging hearing loss deniers”.

Right on!

One Response to “WSJ: Closed captions are cool now…”

  1. Robert Heflin Says:

    What a great idea. I wish I knew how to do it! I have top shelf hearing aids ( my youngest daughter is a Dr. Of Audiology and takes good care of dad’s hearing) and I still have trouble understanding what some of the actors are saying on some of the tv shows.
    This is a great example there is hope for the young.
    Da Cuz

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