Why aren’t more people upset about Biden’s college loan giveaway?

Simple answer: Majority of Americans aren’t getting stuck with the bill.

There are lots of principled reasons for opposing Biden’s student loan giveaway.

Most notably, the Executive Order is unconstitutional (especially now that Biden has publicly declared that the pandemic is over) … the plan is unfair to people who didn’t attend college, who worked to pay their way through college or paid off their loans as previously required … and income tax payers have to pick up the trillion dollar tab.

So why does it appear that the program will actually be enacted?

Why isn’t there more of an uproar?

Well, for openers, about 23 million potential voters benefit from Biden’s largesse and may demonstrate their thanks at the polls in November.

But, 23 million is a relatively small number of beneficiaries.

A bigger number is 100 million.

That’s the number of people who haven’t paid any income taxes in the past couple of years.

According to a Tax Policy Center analysis of IRS data, in 2021, only 43% of Americans paid any Federal income taxes.

Conversely, a majority — 57% — paid no Federal income taxes.

Tax Policy Center

So, except for fairness principles — why should the 57% get worked up over a tax payer funded program?

They won’t be paying the bill…

It’s somebody else’s problem.

It’s as simple as that!

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