Have you been catching more colds this year?

Your immune system probably got weaker during covid-induced isolation …. but not to worry.

In a couple of recent friend & family chats, it became evident that more folks are catching more colds more often.

One hypothesis is that the cold-wave is a result of immune systems that weakened during 2 years of covid-confinements.

Might be … but not to worry.

Just follow the late George Carlin’s advice for building (or re-building) a strong immune system.

His prescription for building a strong immune system to battle germ attacks is a bit contrary to current conventional wisdom and CDC guidance.


WARNING: Adult content – profanity-laced, politically-incorrect, totally insensitive to the current COVID situation and likely to offend practically everyone.  Do not play in earshot of children, co-workers or sensitive adults. Hit delete now if you self-classify in that latter group.

In other word, this is classic George Carlin.

click to view (if you dare <= you’ve been warned!)

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