Biden: Gas cost $5 a gallon when I took office…”

Not a gaffe, not his dementia … an outright lie!


Also in his Syracuse speech this week — like an arsonist who wants credit for calling 911 — he laid claim to bringing gas prices down by over $1.50.


Let’s look at the data…

First, the big picture:

Data Source: EIA

> Gas prices were about $2.50 per gallon when Trump turned over the keys to Biden.

> At the June 2022 peak — a full 17 months after Biden took office — prices reached $5.11 … more than double the prices when Biden took over.

Classical locker room quip: It all depends where you measure from.

> Prices have come down from the peak … to an apparent bottom at $3.77 … down about 25% from the peak …  but, still about 50% higher than when Biden took office.

Analogy: Binge eater puts on 100 pounds … goes on a diet and loses 50 pounds … touts a 50% weight loss.

> Recently, some statistical “noise” ….prices increased by 1.6% in Sept.  … and, most recently, dropped by about 1.5%


Biden’s response to high gas prices: “Blame the profiteering oil companies and gas stations.” Source

C’mon, Joe.

Just take (dis)credit that your your “war on fossil fuels” is working … and stop the BS.

One Response to “Biden: Gas cost $5 a gallon when I took office…””

  1. Sam Barton Says:

    Sam Barton agrees with this. Thanks for posting it.

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