Yipes! GOP snaring defeat from the jaws of victory?

Hoping for gridlock to stop my IRA bleeding.

I gotta admit, I thought inflation, crime, energy independence and strong borders were a strong hand.

But apparently, not strong enough to win big against abortion, climate control and open borders.

My early morning takeaways:

> So much for the polls, betting markets and political pundits … red wave dissipated somewhere off-shore.

> Kudos to my friends who have already moved to Florida … land of sunshine, low taxes, effective government and common sense.

> Obama got his man …Pennsylvanians should feel so proud.


> Laxalt and Johnson should eek out victories to keep the Senate 50-50 … as of 6 a.m.


> Best GOP Senate scenario is that Herschel wins a run-off, but that race has a groundhog day feel to it … and a Walker win would crown Romney as the new Manchin (ouch).

> Pundits are still saying that GOP will eek out a Congressional majority and we’ll see legislative gridlock and a stream of entertaining investigation.

> If the pundits are wrong again, my (our) IRAs, 401Ks and 528s are screwed … batten down the hatches, folks ,,, stock up on Chef Boyardee


P.S. Looks like a vindicated Biden against a surging DeSantis in 2024.

2 Responses to “Yipes! GOP snaring defeat from the jaws of victory?”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I am very surprised at the results and disappointed.

  2. coachcarps Says:

    I think you left out “democracy” and “Trump” from the hand that Democrats were playing. Funny, my view of Florida now is that I may never visit.

    Start following Bennet from Colorado. Seems like a future Pres candidate. And I like him because he was a History major.

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