Sinema declares independence … bolts from Democratic Party

Will Manchin be next?

Headlining the NYT and WSJ today:

“Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent”

Her motivation: Her “centrist approach pitted her against parts of President Biden’s agenda and made her the target of Democratic activists.”

Her rationale: “Writing in The Arizona Republic, she said that she had “never fit perfectly in either national party” and that the “loudest, most extreme voices continue to drive each party toward the fringes.”


Sinema ruled out caucusing with the GOP … and hasn’t decided whether or not she’ll caucus with the Dems.

My question: Is Sinema’s move an outlier or a trigger for a trend?

Will Manchin will follow suit and declare independence? Or, Tester?

From the GOP, will Romney, Murkowski and Collins declare their independence?

Maybe a separate Independent’s caucus will emerge.

That would make things interesting.

But, it’s way more likely that Sinema is just an outlier.

This will be interesting to watch…

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