A Star is Rising!

OK, I’m a doting grandfather and may be getting ahead of myself, but…

A couple of years ago, in grandfatherly fashion, I gushed with pride that our granddaughter Maddie (then 7 years old) debuted as a “Dancing Bee” in The Washington Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker.

See A Star is Born! to trace Maddie’s journey from toddler dancer to dancing with The Washington Ballet.



Now, let’s fast forward to this year.

Maddie just celebrated her 10th birthday … and look at her now:


Again, it’s The Washington Ballet’s Christmas presentation of the Nutcracker.

Maddie was on stage for most of the first act … and even got to dance a duet with one of the show’s adult stars.


What’s next, a role dancing as the Sugar Plum Fairy?

Maybe someday…

Viva la diva…

We’re proud of you, Maddie!

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