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Bloomberg’s possible path to the Oval Office…

March 2, 2020

Short answer: via  a 3rd party run.


Many pundits are speculating that Bloomberg’s only chance of winning the White House is to buy-off a sufficient number of “super delegates” at a brokered Democratic Convention.

I disagree.

In fact, if that were to happen,  I think that Trump would prevail in a head-to-head match-up.

My take: Sanders’ supporters will be irate if Bernie enters the convention with a statistically significant plurality of delegates but is denied the nomination because of the Dems’ backroom “Stop Bernie” dealing.

Bernie’s Bros won’t shift their passionate support to Mini Mike … they’ll either stay home or cast Trump votes in protest.

So, the way I see it,  Bloomberg has only one long-shot path to the White House: run as an independent.

It’s a wild scenario, but here’s my logic…


First, I expect that Bernie will be the Dems’ nominee for president.

A reluctant Dem establishment will be left with no choice.

My bet: Head-to-head, Trump the capitalist would beat Sanders the socialist.

But …

What if Bloomberg – after failing to secure the Dem nomination – declares as a 3rd party candidate?

No chance that Bloomberg would beat Trump head-to-head …. and no chance that he’d win 270 electoral votes in a 3-way contest.

But …

What if Bloomberg were to win a state or two (think: New York, New Jersey) … just enough to stop Trump (and Sanders) short of 270?

Well, then the election gets tossed to the Congress.

In a nutshell: Congress gets to elect the President from among the top 3 candidates (based on their earned electoral votes).

Each state’s delegation gets one vote.

Assume that the Dems had the majority of “members” in a majority of state delegations.

Note: While the Dems currently hold a majority in Congress, the GOP currently has a majority of state delegations.

If all the Dem’s state delegations cast “establishment” votes instead of “socialism” votes … i.e. they vote Bloomberg over Sanders … then Bloomberg is elected … even though he won a minimal number of electoral votes in the general election.

Of course, all hell would break loose … and American democracy would never be the same … but Bloomberg would be the President-elect.

A remote happening … but possible.


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Bloomberg: “My $100 million won the House in 2018”

February 26, 2020

Paraphrasing, that was the line that caught my attention  during last night’s Democratic melee.


Mayor Pete tried to sting Bernie with  “The 40 new congressional reps who were elected, weren’t running on your platform, Bernie … and now, they’re already running away from it.”

Mayor Mike stepped into school him on the point:

“No, it was the $100 million that I personally threw into those campaigns.”

Did he really say that?

The guy who is who is literally trying to buy the 2020 presidential election, crowed that he successfully bought the 2018 Congressional races.


The guy who is supposed to be the Democratic champion for capitalism offered up one of the strongest talking points against it.

When jabrones like Bloomberg grow their wealth to a point that they can buy control of the government, and try to do it, that’s a problem.

Chilling, isn’t it?


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The questions that I’d ask Bloomberg tonight …

February 25, 2020

I expect Bloomberg to be better prepared tonight, but expect that he’ll continue to take incoming fire from the other candidates.


Just to make him squirm, here’s the first question that I’d like to see somebody ask him:

Mr. Blumberg, when you were mayor of NYC, you supported the policing policy called stop & frisk.

The murder rate in NYC dropped significantly when stop & frisk was enforced.

But, the  policy disproportionately impacted young minority males.

You recently apologized for supporting stop & frisk.

Does that mean that, if you had it to do over again, you would have halted stop & frisk and accepted a continuing higher murder rate?

Easy answer: “I would have halted stop & frisk, and doubled down on other murder prevention initiatives such as ….”

My bet: Bloomberg will freeze and blow it if the question is asked.


And, here’s the pivotal question that I’d ask…