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How to get your credit reports for free …. no strings attached.

July 9, 2015

Want to see your credit reports?

Some companies provide almost free peeks at your credit reports.  Typically, you have to sign up for a credit checking or identity theft program …. and then cancel your subscription within 7 or 30 days to avoid getting billed.


There’s also a low hassle way …


Trax: The Experian connection …

November 5, 2013

Something caught my eye, buried deep in the weeds of the chatter re: the ObamaCare web site fiasco.

Forbes had an early-on article theorizing that a major cause of the web site problems was the Feds insistance that folks shouldn’t see potentially shocking list prices, but rather should input a lot of their private data so that they can be flashed a net price – after government subsidies.

That’s old news … and, you can believe it or not.

Here’s the passage that got me thinking:

The core problem stems from “the slate of registration systems [that] intersect with Oracle Identity Manager, a software component embedded in a government identity-checking system.”

The main web page collects information using CGI Group technology.

Then that data is transferred to a system built by Quailty Software Services.

QSS then sends data to Experian, the credit-history firm.


Experian – one the 3 major credit bureaus.

Why get a private sector credit bureau involved?


At first, I thought the Feds might have stumbled on a borderline brilliant idea …


Trax: About your credit score(s) …

August 13, 2013

While most people tend to think that they have one credit score, there are actually many different types of scores.



Here are some specifics …


Trax: The business of credit reporting …

August 8, 2013

Everybody knows vaguely that so-called “credit bureaus” track your credit histories and report them to lenders.



Here are some specifics about credit bureaus that you might not know …