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What if the undocumented 12 million were Russian … instead of Hispanic ?

March 13, 2018

Would everyone keep their same views re: immigration?  I think not.

When President Trump said “take away the guns (from the mentally ill) and worry about due process later” … the MSM had a field day.

“What if President Obama had said that? Everybody on the right would be screaming that he’s coming for our guns.”

Maybe so, but that’s not the point.

I love playing what I call the “Control H” game … tech talk for replacing one word for another.

You know, substitute Obama (or Clinton) for Trump and ask: “would the press be as outraged?”

Usually the answer is “no.”


I recently played a variation of the Control-H game with a buddy who was spewing all of the left-leaners’ talking points about DACA, Sanctuary cities and immigration laws  in general…