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Flashback: Remember the last “Basketball Goodwill Tour”?

May 29, 2013

I got an email yesterday announcing …



Nice idea, but reminded me of 2011 when we posted:

Georgetown’s “goodwill” basketball game vs. China ends in brawl … no kidding

Flashing back …

According to SI:

A wild brawl broke out between Georgetown and a Chinese men’s basketball team Thursday night, putting an immediate end to a supposed goodwill game that coincided with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the country.

The benches cleared and fights erupted all over the court with about 9½ minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Georgetown is in China on a 10-day trip which has been cited by the U.S. State Department as an example of sports diplomacy that strengthens ties between the two countries.

Full article & video

Question (after viewing the video): With a population of 1.3 Billion (with a “B”), don’t you think the Chinese should be able to fill a high school gym for a game against the Hoyas?

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