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The degree-earning gender gap…

April 9, 2019

An interesting analysis done by economist Mark Perry concludes:

Since 1982, women have earned 13 million more college degrees than men.


Let’s drill down on those numbers…


Girl wins golf tourney … denied trophy.

October 30, 2017

Penalized for being a girl … say, what?


Let’s go to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for this one.

According to reports, Emily Nash, an 8th grader, won a teen boy’s golf tournament.

As allowed by rules, she entered the tournament as part of her high school’s team (since girl’s don’t play fall golf in her school district).

She shot from the same tees as the boys.

And, she shot 75 … which was 4 strokes better than the 2nd place finisher.

Not bad, right?



But, Emily didn’t get the tourney trophy for best individual performance.

Why? You might ask …


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