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I’m a ‘Hot Shot’ … err, make that WAS a Hot Shot.

July 14, 2015

Time for a little shameless retro self-promotion.

Here’s the back-story …

The year was 1988.

We were living in Connecticut, so I took my then young sons to the Princeton-Yale basketball game … hoping to hook them on Ivy League colleges.

Walking in, some students were signing up volunteers for the half-time shooting contest.

Urged on by my family, I threw my name into the ring.

They called my name … I beat 2 other contestants … and was invited to the “Finals” to compete for 2 round-trip tickets on American Airlines.

Lay-ups were worth 1 point, free throws were worth 3, and shots from the 3-point line were worth 7.

I figured that 18 points would win it.

My strategy: rapid-fire 8 free throws … and make 6 of them.

I practiced and knew I could do it.

Under game day pressure, i missed 4 of 7 free throws, and had no choice but to head for the 3-point line.

Bottom line: SWOOSH !  7 points … for a total of 16.

Just enough to win the crown and a trip to Las Vegas.

Best of all: my sons were in the stands to see it all.

Since you probably weren’t there, click the pic or link below to see the most exciting 45 seconds in sports history.

click to view video



Best part of all: my sons were in the stands to see it all.

Worst part: It’s been downhill since …



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