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Analogy Test: Cleveland Clinic is to VA Hospitals … as Apple is to what?

June 12, 2014

It’s a simple analogy … and, apparently, the Cleveland Clinic’s CEO got it right.

Answer: JC Penney

VA-JCP logos



Here’s my logic …


POTUS says: “When veterans do get into the system, they get great healthcare” … oh, really?

June 5, 2014

When Obama finally commented on the VA scandal, he gave the usual “outraged, will investigate and hold accountable” … then asserted that “when veterans do get into the system, they get great healthcare”.

No questions from the media.  Not much follow-up.

Must be true since the President said it, right?

Of course, my BS detector started screeching.

Fortunately, the WSJ started to dig and found “significantly higher rates of mortality and dangerous infections at some VA hospitals compared with others” … and compared to private hospitals.

For example, the Boston area VA hospital is rated 5-stars … the embattled Phoenix VA draws a single star.



The WSJ concluded that the Phoenix VA doesn’t appear to be an outlier.   

Here’s where things get interesting …


More: The doctor will see you … eventually

June 4, 2014

Last year, I needed to see an eye surgeon, when I called, I was given an appointment within 2 weeks.

This year, I called the same doctor and was told the the first open slot was in 8 weeks.


Can’t project off one observation, right?




Last week, the VA waiting times were revealed to be 115 days … almost 4 months.

That got me to wondering: What are waiting times in some other countries often cited as ObamaCare models .

Here’s a sampling …


WSJ: “How to Fix the Veterans Affairs Mess” … say, what?

June 2, 2014

Last week, the WSJ ran an opinion piece How to Fix the Veterans Affairs Mess by Anthony Principi who served as secretary of Veterans Affairs from 2001-05.

I expected a practical roadmap for attacking the current problems.

Instead, the author delivered a potpourri of declarations … some of which surprised me, and many of which made me sigh “oh my”.



Here are some of the points that caught my attention.


The doctor will see you … eventually

May 29, 2014

Yesterday, VA Hospitals’ Inspector General released an interim investigative report on patient wait times.



Here are the headline findings …


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