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Like us and we’ll donate will donate, love us and we’ll …

September 8, 2011

TakeAway: Brands are searching for  more ways to connect causes with marketing, and evolve consumer’s “slacktivism” to more significant social good.

Now, just “like” them on Facebook or tweet a specified phrase and some brands will donate to a cause.

You know what?

It works …

* * * * *

Excerpted from, “Cause Marketing Does Affect Brand Purchase

The Integer Group queried 1,200 Americans about factors influencing brand preference when choosing between two companies with both benefiting a cause, and selling a product similar in price and quality.

Survey results reveal that the brand’s philanthropic activities can influence shopper behavior and ultimately purchase decisions, and that gender is a factor:

  • Both men and women are influenced by “personal relevance of cause
  • Women choose brands that promise instant gratification with each purchase, while for men, it’s less important
  • Brands need to appeal to men’s rationale side, delivering a more rational benefit for their participation in a cause program, which can lead to higher engagement”
  • Men are more likely to support organizations, such as The Salvation Army or Goodwill, while women support disease prevention causes, such as breast cancer awareness

So, which brands do this well?

Top brands purchased based on their affiliation with a cause:

1. Yoplait
2. Anything Affiliated With Breast Cancer
3. and 4. (tied) Susan G. Komen for the Cure & Newman’s Own
5. General Mills
6. Yogurt in general
7. and 8. (tied) P&G and RED
9. Boxtops for Education
10. and 11. (tied) Kellogg’s, Campbell’s & Girl Scouts
12. Dawn
13. Avon

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Don’t call them spinsters … women DJs are hot!

September 1, 2011

TakeAway: Women disc jockeys are the newest trendsetters for music, fashion and popular culture. So, Unilever hired 3 of them for its new “Fresh Spin” campaign, aimed at young female consumers for its Rebalance branded deodorant products.

* * * * *

Excerpted from NY Times, “She hopes to help a Dove campaign become a hit

Dove is working with MTV for its new “Fresh Spin” campaign, whose first big event occurs at the Video Music Awards … targeting females ages 12 to 34

The brand is showcasing three young women D.J.’s in a new video series, social media and a new Web site. The D.J.’s also are engaging fans in an interactive music game on the Internet site …

Women disc jockeys are the newest trendsetters for music, fashion and popular culture,”…

This month, Dove introduced its “Fresh Spin” campaign, which focuses on social engagement and not a strong product sell, reaching out to targets with a Web site, commercials on MTV and social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

The Web videos are behind-the-scenes looks into the lives of three D.J.’s — Jessica Who, Chelsea Leyland and Diamond Kuts — showing them in some sweaty situations, suggesting the need for deodorant …

This week, Dove began running commercials on MTV to introduce the trio. Ms. Who will report live from the video music awards, interviewing musicians on the red carpet and sharing her take on the music scene. The video will be available on after the awards …

As a brand, Dove does not want to focus on celebrities … The D.J.’s are real girls who are culturally relevant. They aggregate ideas about movements, fashion and, of course, music.”

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