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Do Americans really care about nursing homes?

May 7, 2020

Maybe it’s time for a national gut-check

Earlier this week, there was a heart-wrenching story on TV.

A woman was telling the story of the Massachusetts state-run Holyoke Soldiers’ Home that had suffered over 80 C-19 fatalities. Her elderly father was one of the casualties.

She had been trying for weeks, to no avail, to speak with her father, or at least get a status report on his condition. Her first contact was when he was being wheeled to the coroner’s van.

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Of course, the daughter was heart-broken and observed “nobody seemed to care … they’re just old people”.

That struck a chord with me

Of course, people who have loved ones in nursing homes are concerned about their level of care.

At a minimum, they want their loved ones kept safe and comfortable.

But, what do we as a nation really think?


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