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“See something, Say something.” isn’t good enough.

February 23, 2018

There were chilling social media threats.

A hard tip to the FBI.

39 welfare calls to local police.

The school’s armed security officer “stood outside the building where the shooting occurred rather than going in” Source

The first 3 first-responders (sheriff’s deputies) stayed outside waiting for SWAT to arrive.

Why say something if an alert (1) puts you at risk of a defamation suit and (2) isn’t likely to result in any preventative action?

The egregious miss by the FBI, local police, social services and school officials seems to have already vanished from the post-mortem discussion.

Here’s the bumper sticker I want to see.



And, can we please stop talking about having a “conversation”.

Let’s have a plan … and start implementing it!




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