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iPad loses its grip in the tablet market

March 27, 2012

Punch line: While iPad sales volume is up and expected to increase, but  its share of the tablet market is expected to drop to 62% this year, down from 66% last year, and 87% the previous year.

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Excerpted from, “iPad’s share of tablet market to dip to 62 percent this year


The iPad will maintain its lead, though its share will drop because of competition from Android devices, estimates research firm TrendForce …

Though the iPad’s market share may be on the downswing, its sales are still headed higher.

Estimates from TrendForce call for global sales of about 59 million units in 2012, up from nearly 41 million last year and 14 million in 2010.

(Credit: TrendForce)

Certain Android vendors have captured some of Apple’s former market share, but they’ve failed to catch up with the iPad’s advancements.

Amazon’s low-priced Kindle Fire ignited strong sales during the holiday quarter. But the Fire “still does not quite match consumers’ expectations for a tablet PC,”

Further, Amazon’s orders for display panels have fallen for the first half of 2012, indicating that the Fire won’t be a threat to the iPad’s dominant lead.

Some tablet vendors have been slowly cutting back on Android to focus on Windows 8 as Microsoft prepares its new tablet-friendly OS. But even here, success is far from assured.

“The makers are counting on Windows users’ high commitment to Microsoft Office to spur the sales of Windows 8 tablets,”

“But several issues persist, such as whether or not the ARM Windows 8 tablet is able to release as scheduled, the weight and battery life, and whether the software compatibility and interface design cater to the users’ preferences.”

With a new high-resolution display expected, the iPad 3 will help Apple hang onto its leading market share …

Overall, tablet makers are forecast to sell 94 million units this year, a 53 percent jump from the 62 million sold in 2011.

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