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Target re-gifts … the ‘Christmas Champ’ is baaack!

November 21, 2011

TakeAway: Retailer optimism is lower this year. Yet, Target hopes to spur sales with a two-day Black Friday sales event and the return of Christmas Champ ad campaign.

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Excerpted from, “Target Re-Gifts Its Black Friday ‘Christmas Champ’ Campaign

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With Black Friday just a week away, a new survey shows that retailer optimism about sales growth is lower this year than in 2010. Heavy discounts are expected to rule the day as many retailers move their Black Friday operations to Thursday in a dismal zero sum game sales spiral …

To pitch its 2011 two-day Black Friday sales event, Target has rolled out a collection of “tips” from its effervescent, slightly off-kilter shopping maven.

Promoted as their @ChristmasChamp on Twitter, the manic Black Friday sales lover (brilliantly portrayed by comedian Maria Bamford) was Target’s secret weapon that drove the store’s 2009 Black Friday sales to its biggest ever levels despite a grim holiday shopping environment. Bamford was so popular that Target brought her back in 2010.

And so here we are again in 2011 and Target is again turning to Bamford. But the ads the retailer is running are the same as last year …

We kid, but Target’s regifting of its popular, two-year-old campaign is nothing to laugh at if it’s working. Indeed, if a brand runs a holiday ad enough years in a row, it can become iconic.

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