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Aiming for the 1%, MBAs still flock to Wall Street…

October 26, 2011

So what if Wall Street firms almost caused the world economy to implode.

So what if a couple of the biggest firms cratered and bonuses have been slashed.

So, what is the Feds and protesters have the evil bankers in their sites.

Sill, according to the WSJ, MBA grads are heading to Wall Street – if they can land offers.

Financial-services industry hiring at the big Master of Business Administration programs hit a post financial-crisis high this year.

Employers such as banks, hedge funds, investment managers, private equity and venture capital firms hired 39% of job-seeking 2011 graduates at Harvard Business School and the Yale School of Management, 36% at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and 51% at Columbia Business School.

Even in an age of heavy layoffs, shrinking bonus pools and noisy antibank protests, it is no mystery why M.B.A. students keep entering the revolving door that is Wall Street. It pays well and carries considerable prestige.

But those getting jobs in finance will be entering an industry undergoing a massive belt-tightening, as investors flee banks hammered by a weak economy, tumultuous markets and tightening regulation.

“You’re vulnerable if you’re in that five-, seven- or nine-year range. You’re expensive and you don’t have clients.”

Investment bankers with about five years of experience can command compensation of close to $400,000.

New hires from business schools can expect about one-third as much.

Have to admit that I’m surprised that interest in finance careers hasn’t slowed a bit.

I guess there’s nothing like the smell of money.

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