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One-and-done: What’s up with the Hoyas?

March 25, 2013

I have a couple theories of the case re:  the Hoyas string of one-and-done trips to the NCAAs.

And, they’re not the usual “too cocky” or “where was Otto?” kinda stuff.

First, the back story.


All the world knows that the Hoyas were upset by Florida Gulf Coast University.

Poll: Raise your hand if you heard of FGCU before last Sunday’s selection show.

Yahoo Sports cut to the chase Saturday morning:

March Madness: when the Georgetown Hoyas suddenly turn into the Washington Generals.

In five straight trips to the Big Dance, the Hoyas have been busted out by a double-digit seed.

So only one conclusion can be drawn: after going to the Final Four in 2007, Georgetown has simply been an atrocious NCAA team.

JTIII has been JTI and done.

You’ve got to beat somebody eventually, Georgetown. Seriously


Here’s what I think is going on …