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Here’s what your food will look like … want it?

February 20, 2012

Takeaway: Some of my family members predictably respond to pictures on menus.

Heaven may have arrived on earth for them.

A London restaurant uses technology to give diners a virtual peek at how their food will look.  If  they like what they see, they can use the touchpad to enter their order.

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Excerpted from “Giving Your Restaurant Order With The Click Of A Table


In the Future of Retail report there is a fascinating example of an electronic mirror found at the Inamo St. James restaurant on London’s Regent Street.

On our recent trip to the UK we visited the restaurant to try out the interactive tables that all diners use there.

When diners sit, a screen is projected on the table and through the use of a touchpad they can order drinks, food, games and even a taxi.

A fun aspect of the interaction is that a diner can see how the dishes will look once served — an image gets projected on a plate on the table before they order.

With a mouse click, each dish can be added to a list — and then when the diner is happy with their selection that list of orders is electronically sent to the kitchen.

And if the diner is wondering what is happening while they wait they have a range of options.

For a start, they can open a video window on the table with a live feed from the kitchen or they can entertain themselves by changing the projected table-cloth, choosing from various photographs and patterns …

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