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Midnight madness … works for college hoops, so why not for retailers?

November 17, 2011

TakeAway: With projected holiday spending down, big retailers hope to boost sales on Black Friday by opening up even earlier.

New plan for T-Day: schedule dinner for 4 p.m., eat way too much, take a really long nap … then at midnight, head for the stores to buy some plus-sized clothes  (for me) and heavily discounted gifts (for loved ones).

Might work …

* * * * *
Excerpt from WSJ: “Holiday Shopping’s New Hour: Midnight”

More retailers are concluding that 4 a.m. on the Friday after Thanksgiving just isn’t early enough. Macy’s  said most of it will open at midnight. That’s four hours earlier than in recent years.

Last week, Target said it will break with its usual around-dawn opening practices and begin business at midnight on Thanksgiving night.

“In dollars and cents, it probably gives the retailers that are opening extra early another fraction of a day’s sales … and,  it does engender publicity, which, in this environment, is very valuable.”

This year is expected to be especially competitive because spending is projected to be a bit lackluster.

The National Retail Federation expects total retail spending during the holiday period to rise 2.8%, down from a 5.2% increase last year.

Shoppers are expected to spend 4.6% less this year on gifts, or about $516.

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