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It’s not a game! … Well, actually, it is,

April 27, 2012

TakeAway: SyFy is expecting to provide brands additional awareness by way of integrating a new online video game and TV show.

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Excerpt from AdAge: “Syfy Already Pitching ‘Defiance,’ Coordinated TV Series and Video Game”

Syfy is pitching advertisers on integrations into “Defiance,” the coordinated TV series and multiplayer online game.


“Defiance” centers on aliens and humans living together on Earth 30 years from now. The two species struggle to build a society amid devastation after an epic war.

The show and the game will influence each other and evolve together. If, for example, the game warns of an invasion, “then the show will reference that battle in the following episode.”

Starcom MediaVest Group says ” ‘Defiance’ is a groundbreaking paradigm that links both media [types] and allows brands to be more immersive than they could be as part of TV or a video game alone.”

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How many people watch online video content each day?

March 9, 2012

Answer: Over 100 million !

So, the online industry is following in TVs footprint by organizing a two week long event to woo advertisers with the ultimate goal of pulling spending away from TV and towards online.

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Excerpt from WSJ: “TV’s Big Ad-Sales Bazaar Inspires an Online Copycat”

This April the biggest online media outlets are planning a two-week event in New York. Each company will take a different day to woo advertisers by presenting different marketing opportunities.

Coming as more companies are creating more original online video programming, the event signals an intensifying effort by the online video world to challenge television.

TV drew $60.7 billion in advertising versus online video totaled only $2.02 billion. More than 100 million Americans watched online video content on an average day, a 43% increase from the year prior.

“There is a big gap between the time consumers are spending on digital platforms and the amount of ad spend”.

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