Ditch your whiskey … chug a beer (faster)

TakeAway: MillerCoors is trying to boost sales and prevent millennial’s from switching to spirits with new package features and labels.

Ken’s Take: Best new feature is  “taste flow” can …  for faster chugging.

Imagine if Colt 45 were to put its 40-ouncer in a taste flow can … then, you’d have some serious innovation.

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Excerpt From Adage: “MillerCoors Seeks Rebound After ‘Toughest Quarter as a Company’”

MillerCoors is banking on new packaging and advertising to help beat back what the brewer characterized as the “toughest headwinds we’ve seen as a company.”

Changes include new “taste flow” cans for Miller Lite that  feature a second opening on the can top designed to increase airflow and reduce “glug.” The optional new hole can be opened with a key or other object.

The growth of spirits brands is a new threat to beer, especially among younger drinkers.

“All of our various agencies have been looking at the mindset of millennial drinkers and what’s driving their switching [to spirits],”

Besides taste-flow cans, M-C is rebranding the low-calorie MGD 64 brand as “Miller 64” with new black-and-red color scheme, replacing the white-labeled cans and bottles now on shelves.

The brewer is also giving a different look to Miller Genuine Draft with new, all-black labels.

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