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Great moments in innovation: “Ice cold beer” … literally!

April 12, 2012

Punch line: Japanese beer company Kirin offers 30 minutes of ice-cold beer, with its new frozen foam.



Excerpted from “Kirin Launches Beer With Frozen Foam To Keep Your Drink Cool

Japanese beer company Kirin has unveiled a new beer with frozen foam in the restaurants of Tokyo this month.

The variant, called “Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft,” features cold Kirin beer topped with frozen beer foam created using a process called Frozen Agitation, wherein air is blown into the beer as it is stirred and chilled.

The foam is very cold at -5 degrees Celsius, which, according to Kirin, can help keep the beer below it ice-cold for roughly thirty minutes …

Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft is available in Tokyo for a trial run and will be launched throughout Japan by May.

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Wanna pop a Duff’s brewski … just like Homer Simpson?

March 12, 2012

Punch line: Ever wish you could be Homer Simpson, drinking a Duff beer on the couch? Well, you’re in luck! UK consumers can now purchase a 6 pack of Legendary Duff Beer for £12.50.

* * * * *
Excerpted from “Homer Simpson’s Duff Beer Goes On Sale In The UK

The fictional beer enjoyed by Homer on The Simpsons television show is now a reality for consumers in the UK. The Legendary Duff Beer, a premium German pilsner with “a crisp, light refreshing taste,” can be bought online and delivered to locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The lager, brewed by Eschweger Klosterbrauerei, is available in cans and bottles featuring the iconic red, white and black packaging design. 1 can or bottle costs £2.99 ($4.72) and a 6 pack is £12.50 ($19.74). The UK partner and distributor for The Legendary Duff Beer, Duff Beer Distribution, writes:

Having seen the great success the beer enjoyed in Europe and the rest of the world we have made it our goal to ensure everyone in the UK market cannot be without a Duff!

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Quick: Which company is “America’s Largest Brewer”?

January 25, 2012

TakeAway: Depends on your definition.  If you go with All American-owned and American-brewed … then Yuengling  — 8th in market share – can claim the tile/

* * * * *

Excerpt from AdAge: “D.G. Yuengling & Son Becomes America’s Largest Brewer”

Yuengling surged last year with shipments up 16.9% to 2.5 million barrels, placing it eighth in overall U.S. market share, at 1.2%. That was good enough to nose by Boston, which owns the Sam Adams brand.

Anheuser-Busch, owned by Belgium-based InBev, still has a firm hold on No. 1, but its market share fell from 47.7% to 47.0%.

No. 2 MillerCoors, part-owned by London-based SABMiller, saw its share drop from 28.8% to 28.4%.

Third place belongs to Corona importer Crown Imports and Heineken USA kept its hold on fourth.

Yuengling’s ranking comes with some caveats. Pabst Brewing Co., which ranks fifth overall, is U.S.-owned, but outsources its brewing.

Sixth-place North American Breweries is also U.S.-owned, but a chunk of its volume comes from the imported Labatt brand.

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Now what happens at the club … really stays at the club.

December 2, 2011

TakeAway: Norte, a South American beer, is taking a new approach to protect its brand by protecting its customers from being in unbecoming pictures that could end up on the web.

* * * * *

Excerpt From AdAge: “An ‘Intelligent Beer Cooler’ Will Destroy Dangerous Photos of You”

To protect its consumers from being branded as “dirty old men” or “floozies,” Norte Beer and agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi recently handed out “intelligent beer coolers” throughout bars in Argentina.

The beer cooler is equipped with Photoblocker, a camera-flash sensor that triggers its own flash in response when a picture is being taken. The larger flash, in effect, destroys the picture. And the evidence.

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Ditch your whiskey … chug a beer (faster)

November 14, 2011

TakeAway: MillerCoors is trying to boost sales and prevent millennial’s from switching to spirits with new package features and labels.

Ken’s Take: Best new feature is  “taste flow” can …  for faster chugging.

Imagine if Colt 45 were to put its 40-ouncer in a taste flow can … then, you’d have some serious innovation.

* * * * *
Excerpt From Adage: “MillerCoors Seeks Rebound After ‘Toughest Quarter as a Company’”

MillerCoors is banking on new packaging and advertising to help beat back what the brewer characterized as the “toughest headwinds we’ve seen as a company.”

Changes include new “taste flow” cans for Miller Lite that  feature a second opening on the can top designed to increase airflow and reduce “glug.” The optional new hole can be opened with a key or other object.

The growth of spirits brands is a new threat to beer, especially among younger drinkers.

“All of our various agencies have been looking at the mindset of millennial drinkers and what’s driving their switching [to spirits],”

Besides taste-flow cans, M-C is rebranding the low-calorie MGD 64 brand as “Miller 64” with new black-and-red color scheme, replacing the white-labeled cans and bottles now on shelves.

The brewer is also giving a different look to Miller Genuine Draft with new, all-black labels.

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