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In the UK, it’s better to be fat than to be old.

April 6, 2012

Recent editorial in the UK’s  Telegraph pointed out that the National Health Service (NHS) discriminates against elderly folks … rationing their care by dealying or denying medical services.

According to the Telegraph, the elderly are displaced in the medical queue by overweight folks whose “conditions, though, are the direct result of bad habits, poor diet, and the wrong choices. These conditions range from obesity and diabetes to smoking-related diseases like emphesema.”

If a 20-stone, 30-something woman comes into hospital with a bad diabetic attack, does she deserve to be at the front of the queue or the back?

She has chosen to stuff her face with Mars bars and Coke, and is now suffering the consequences of her choice.

She cannot claim ignorance of the dangers of her diet: the Government has carpet-bombed us with health advice, from schools to GP practices.

Class no longer regulates access to healthy living: everyone who can watch the telly, let alone read the magazines, knows that a high-fat diet will make you look bad and feel worse.

So what?

The Telegraph’s view:

The septuagenarian who develops breast cancer has done nothing wrong – except grow old.

The NHS has to consider that there are deserving cases and undeserving ones.

Age should not be a barrier to optimum care; but bad habits should be.

As my personal odometer races forward, I gotta agree with the Telegraph.

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Wanna pop a Duff’s brewski … just like Homer Simpson?

March 12, 2012

Punch line: Ever wish you could be Homer Simpson, drinking a Duff beer on the couch? Well, you’re in luck! UK consumers can now purchase a 6 pack of Legendary Duff Beer for £12.50.

* * * * *
Excerpted from “Homer Simpson’s Duff Beer Goes On Sale In The UK

The fictional beer enjoyed by Homer on The Simpsons television show is now a reality for consumers in the UK. The Legendary Duff Beer, a premium German pilsner with “a crisp, light refreshing taste,” can be bought online and delivered to locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The lager, brewed by Eschweger Klosterbrauerei, is available in cans and bottles featuring the iconic red, white and black packaging design. 1 can or bottle costs £2.99 ($4.72) and a 6 pack is £12.50 ($19.74). The UK partner and distributor for The Legendary Duff Beer, Duff Beer Distribution, writes:

Having seen the great success the beer enjoyed in Europe and the rest of the world we have made it our goal to ensure everyone in the UK market cannot be without a Duff!

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Sticking it where the sun don’t shine …

November 3, 2011

TakeAway: UK children get too little sunshine and, thus, have a vitamin D deficiency.  Kellogg sees  a market opportunity to boost sales by lacing their cereals with sunshine vitamin D

* * * * *
Excerpt from AdAge: “Kellogg Sticks Vitamin D Where the Sun Don’t Shine”

In the cloud-filled U.K., children are apparently getting less sunshine than ever before as they spend more time inside.

Kellogg  with plans to fortify Rice Krispies, Coco Pops and other cereals in the U.K. with vitamin D, touting the addition of the “sunshine nutrient” as a way to combat rising incidents of rickets.

The company will boost its entire kids cereal line-up with vitamin D by the end of the year. Kellogg already put vitamin D in Corn Flakes, marking it with a brightly colored label on the top of each box, including a message that vitamin D “Helps to Build Strong Bones.”

“Parents who are worried about the risks of sun exposure are failing to encourage their children to spend time outdoors in the sunlight with a third not getting enough sun exposure to give them sufficient vitamin D.”

UK health experts are calling attention to the nation’s rising vitamin D deficiency problem. “Children are also spending more time inside on the computer, with 29% playing outside less than twice a week.”

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