Biden touts:“America is back on the world stage” but …

A couple pictures are worth thousands of  words to the contrary…


First, let’s set a benchmark.

At the end of G20 Summits, there’s a group photo (aka. “family picture”) taken of the attending world leaders.

Below is the family pic from the 2018 G20.

Note the guy in the red tie (circled in yellow).

Yep, that’s President Trump standing in the front row, close to the middle.

Keep that image top of mind.



Now, lets fast forward to this year, 2021.


Note the open spot in the front row near the middle (the yellow box).


Now, note the “world leader” standing to the far left in the photo (red arrow and circle)

Who can that be?

Let’s zoom in.


OMG: It’s President Joe Biden.

> Distanced from the “power center” of the front row.

> Appropriately positioned at the far left in the picture.

> Literally separated from the pack of other world leaders … barely even on the world stage

Joe may think that he’s led America back, but world leaders may be sending another message:

Sometimes, it’s better to be respected (feared?) than it is to be liked (being pushed around while handing out freshly printed, borrowed dollars).


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