A preview of the 2012 campaign ad wars …

Remember the “Chinese Professor” commercial that ran during the 2010 elections cycle?

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It was generally considered to be a very effective execution.

The GOP’s stated strategy for 2012 is is to use President Obama’s own words and actions against him.

“Operation Hot Mic” is the work of American Crossroads — Karl Rove’s Super Pac.

I think the commercial is very well crafted … it combines the feel of “Chinese Professor” with the guts of “Own Words”.

Worth watching whether conservative or liberal …

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Thanks to JC for feeding the lead

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One Response to “A preview of the 2012 campaign ad wars …”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    I am curious why anyone would be surprised at this comment. Duh…Every president is going to have more flexibility after a recent election (win or lose come to think of it). This comment is not news. You might as well make a big deal about a politician stalling…also not news.

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