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Dirty politics: Romney trashed … by his garbage man.

October 2, 2012

Yep – the O-Team has literally dragged the campaign into the gutter.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) – a union supporting Obama – tracked down the garbage man on Romney’s route and got him to testify against Mitt.

The charge: not once has Romney given the dude Gatorade … proof positive that Romney doesn’t get it … that he’s only for rich folks.

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You just can’t make this stuff up.

The economy is stalled, the Middle East is ablaze, and these clowns are pitching Mitt Romney’s garbage man.


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A preview of the 2012 campaign ad wars …

June 30, 2012

Remember the “Chinese Professor” commercial that ran during the 2010 elections cycle?

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It was generally considered to be a very effective execution.

The GOP’s stated strategy for 2012 is is to use President Obama’s own words and actions against him.

“Operation Hot Mic” is the work of American Crossroads — Karl Rove’s Super Pac.

I think the commercial is very well crafted … it combines the feel of “Chinese Professor” with the guts of “Own Words”.

Worth watching whether conservative or liberal …

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Thanks to JC for feeding the lead

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Is way cool … too cool?

May 1, 2012

Last week, I had an interesting coincidence of events.

First …

I was chatting with an MSB alum who is very active in political circles about the marketing of candidates …. specifically, the impact of advertising.

To paraphrase, he said that relatively few political commercials really break through the clutter and move the needle.

He cited two as commonly regarded success models: Hillary’s “3 a.m. phone call” and McCain’s “Celebrity”.

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* * * * *

Then …

President Obama slow jammed on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Next day, American Crossroads (a GOP Super PAC) ran a “Celebrity” ad knock-off called “Too Cool”

click to view “Too Cool”


* * * * *

Raises an interesting question:

1) Cool move by the President to engage young folks who vote based on “cool”,?

2) Or, did Team Obama hand Team Romney a gift.


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