Mixed signals from Gallup …

OK, we know I’m rooting for Mitt … so I like the “horse race” reporting that he leads Obama by 7 points and has a majority.

But … and it’s a big but … that measure doesn’t seem to sync with Gallup’s daily Presidential Approval survey … which has Obama at 50% approval.

So, 50% approve of the job he’s doing, but only 44% are going to vote for him?

Can be rationalized that some folks think Obama is doing a good job but that Mitt would do a better job … but that’s a stretch.

Gallup changed its approval methodology when they got poked by Axlerod and threatened by Holder & the DOJ … immediately after the methodology changed, Obama’s approval numbers improved.

I can’t decode whether Gallup changed the horse race survey methods, too.

Bottom line: results are very curious.

I’d be feeling more relaxed if the approval and election numbers were in sync.





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