“A majority of Americans agree that we should raise taxes on the wealthy” … oh, really?

During his presser on Friday, President Obama said:

A tax increase for wealthier Americans “was a central question during the election — it was debated over and over again, and on Tuesday night, we found out that a majority of Americans agree with my approach,” he declared.


Either a non sequitor or flat out wrong.

Based on CNN’s exiting polling ….

Overall, 47% said to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Hmmm … that “47%” number sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 


Not to get picky, but …

47% doesn’t constitute a majority … 48% said to either raise taxes on everybody (13%) or nobody (35%).

Drilling down a bit …

Yes, 70% of Obama voters say to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Why’s that?

Well, about 75% of Obama supporters have incomes less than $100k … so they are essentially saying: tax the other guy in order to preserve my benefits.

Doesn’t surprise me that they like the idea.

  • Math note: 72% X 54% = 39% / 52% (total % vote) = 75%

The majority of folks who would be impacted aren’t quite as keen on the idea.


Bottom line: I don’t see Obama’s “mandate” for jacking up taxes in the numbers …

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