It’s Sunday … So, how did the religious folks vote?

Last Sunday, I posted: It’s Sunday, so forget the ‘war on women’ … the ‘war on religion’ may turn the election.

I argued that religious folks would be out in force to vote against Obama because of his support of same-sex marriage and his mandating that Catholic organizations would have to  provide free birth control to employees – in an apparent violation of religious rights.

I said that Evangelicals would vote for Romney in droves; that a majority of Catholics would vote Romney; that Obama’s Jewish support was less certain than in 2008, and that Mormons would support their favorite son.

Well, what happened?

According to a Pew Poll:

  • Evangelicals did get to the voting booth and voted almost 80% for Romney.
  • Overall, Obama got 50% of the Catholic vote, but that’s a bit deceptive since he only got 40% of the white Catholic vote; his ace-in-the-hole were Hispanic Catholics who voted 3 to 1 for Obama
  • Jewish voters were less enthusiastic for Obama than they were in 2008, but still supported him 2 to 1 despite his lukewarm support for Israel.
  • Mormons gave Romney almost 80% of their votes … (Note: way less than the 93% that blacks gave to Obama.)

Pretty much as expected, except for the Hispanic Catholics who voted Hispanic, not Catholic …  and the 20% of Mormons who didn’t vote for Romney.


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