Laughs: Daily Show smacks Clapper and the NSA program … very funny.

First, you lose Leno … then you lose Jon Stewart (or more precisely, Stewart’s temp replacement John Oliver) … not good.

Monday night, the Daily Show skewered Clapper and the Prism program.

The fish-in-a-barrel shot was DNI Clapper’s boldface lie to Congress.

The humor isn’t in the content, it’s in the way the dude delivers the lie … like he had taken drama lessons on acting guilty.

Wouldn’t you love to play poker with this fish?



The  best line, though, has to do with the sophisticated algorithms used to to ID somebody as a foreigner: if the nums say there’s a 51% likelihood, then it’s ok to listen in … that passes the NSA “foreigner test”.

As Oliver said: “51% … that’s flipping a coin“


Click to view the video  … very funny

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