Nums: More Millennials still living with parents … huh?

A recent Pew survey has captured a lot of headlines claiming that an increasing percentage and number of Millennials to move back with mom and dad due to the bad economy, rising college enrollments and declining marriage rates.


The headlines are technically true but, in my opinion, are very misleading.

Here’s why …


Yeah, 36% is greater than 32% … and 21.6 million is a high water mark for young adults living at home, but …

Note that the percentage of young adults living at home has stayed relatively constant – about 1 out of 3 — for the past 45 years.

And, college students who live away from home in dorms for 9 months are counted as living at home.

More kids are going to college, and they’re counted as boomerangs.

Also note that over the same time period, the percentage classified as “married head of household or married to head of household” has dropped 33 percentage points to 23%.

Now, that’s a seismic shift !

And, that shift is largely offset by the 21 percentage point increase in the “other independent living” category.


When folks don’t get married, they don’t live with their spouses.

That’s a deep thought.

Bottom line: This is more about the declining marriage rate than it is about junior boomeranging back home.

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