Why games (and people) need rules …

I used to be a big baseball fan, but my interest has waned.

So, I don’t really care whether A-Rod gets suspended or banned or whatever.

That said, a WSJ op-ed by Fay Vincent – a former MLB commissioner – caught my eye.



Vincent recounted that …


The eminent Bart Giamatti — commissioner of Major League Baseball in 1989  — often spoke of why the rules of the game, indeed of all games, are inviolable.

Games are defined by rules without which there can be no games.

When rules are ignored, the event becomes entertainment and ceases to be a true athletic contest.

The result is then professional wrestling or theater — but not sport.

I think Giamatti’s credo extends beyond games to people and life.

Paraphrasing, when rules are ignored, life just becomes theater.

Think about it …

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