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Let’s go bowling … say, what?

July 16, 2014

According to Business Week

There was a growth spurt in bowling alleys after World War II. The U.S. added 2,000 bowling alleys between the end of World War II and 1958.

In 1958, the American Society of Planning Officials reported that “the bowling alley is fast becoming one of the most important—if not the most important—local center of participant sport and recreation.”

But, the bowling craze peaked and started to fade as folks found other ways to spend their spare time.

The U.S. had 4,061 bowling centers in 2012, down 25 percent from a high water mark in 1998.



* * * * *

To counter the downward trend, bowling alleys are rebranding themselves as “bowling centers”, spiffing up the facilities, and adding ancillary entertainment (e.g. rock music, gaming arcades).

Following the industry lead,  “the exclusive bowling lanes reserved for White House employees and their guests are getting an upgrade.”  (more…)

Why games (and people) need rules …

August 6, 2013

I used to be a big baseball fan, but my interest has waned.

So, I don’t really care whether A-Rod gets suspended or banned or whatever.

That said, a WSJ op-ed by Fay Vincent – a former MLB commissioner – caught my eye.



Vincent recounted that …


Oh no: Killer cat bags another victim …

February 7, 2013

How ironic.

In New Zealand there’s a movement to ban killer cats.

Same time, Monopoly game owner Hasbro opts to replace the classic iron token … with a cat.

WHAT ????

Is nothing sacred?


This move hits home since I peddled irons for GE and Black & Decker.

Gotta love your product, right?

And, as reported in prior posts, I don’t have particularly strong affection for cats.

Hasbro is hiding behind the old “America has voted” line.

Doesn’t soften the blow to know that cat lovers banded together to jam  a feline down our throats.

I may never play Monopoly again ….

* * * * *
Quiz Time:
How many “active”  Monopoly tokens are there? Can you name them?


I’m not gaming, I’m helping fight HIV / AIDS …

April 3, 2012

TakeAway: South By South West Trend Alert: The use of gaming to leverage collective manpower to improve health, fundraise for charities, solve once unsolvable problems – such as, a retrovirus enzyme related to HIV / AIDS.

* * * * *
Excerpted from, “The Gaming-For-Good Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi]

…. Fueled by the ability to connect and gather players from across the world and motivate them to participate by injecting competitive aspects and rewards into structured play, games are growing up and being seen as agents of change.

The ability to scale enables these platforms to prompt positive action and overcome challenges on both an individual and societal level with implications for a growing number of areas from science and medicine to education and the environment.

Whether improving health, fundraising for charity or solving previously unsolvable problems, games are encouraging personal and social good …

Gamers Assist In Cracking The Aids Puzzle

image_thumb1 is a web-based platform for collaborating on scientific research that allows gamers to compete against one another to design new proteins which could be used to help prevent or treat diseases like HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

Developed by researchers at the US based University Of Washington, the platform asks online players to build 3D models of protein molecules online to earn points and status based off their problem solving abilities.

Researchers recently took advantage of the platform by inviting gamers to compete in configuring the structure of a retrovirus enzyme related to HIV/AIDS.

The resulting breakthrough in configuring the 3D structure of the protein in question took players just weeks though the puzzle had stumped scientists for years …

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Let’s play Obama Bingo during tonite’s State-of-the-Union Address …

January 24, 2012

Irish bookies are  laying odds on which clichés President Obama will drop first and say most often in tonite’s State of the Union address.

Why not turn it into a game …. like students do with boring profs.

Randomly post the most likely clichés to squares on 5 x 5 game cards.

First player to score a row, a column, a diagonal or the 4 corners with “he said it” marks wins the game.

Below are the official odds on what Obama will say first.

Note My “lock” prediction isn’t even on the list: “Let me be perfectly clear” … a couple of my other favorites are bolded.

Odds   Cliché

8/1     We have more work to do
10/1     Health care reform
10/1     As I stand here today
12/1     Fundamental belief
12/1     God bless America
12/1     Crossroads of history
12/1     Defining moment
12/1     Make Washington work
14/1     Common purpose
16/1     Pursuit of happiness
16/1     Building a better America
16/1     Reduce the deficit
18/1     War on terror
18/1     It won’t be easy
18/1     Hungry for change
18/1     My civil liberties
20/1     Honor for me
20/1     I have a dream
20/1     Willing to listen to each other
20/1     Yes, we can
20/1     Don’t get me wrong
25/1     Hard to believe
25/1     I’m fired up
25/1     Withdraw our troops
25/1     There are better days ahead
25/1     Do-nothing Congress
25/1    We’ll have to make hard choices
25/1     We can be one people
25/1     A new direction
33/1     For far too long
33/1     Safe from harm
33/1     Jobs to the jobless
33/1     Reshapes our economy
40/1     Deepest gratitude
40/1     Greatness of our nation
40/1     Possibilities of this nation
40/1     Florida primary
50/1     Believe in what this country can be
50/1     Unity is the great need of the hour
50/1     In the face of despair, you believe there can be hope
50/1     We can work together to keep our country safe
50/1     Abiding faith
66/1     Brighter day will come
66/1     Publish tax returns
66/1     Washington has a long way to go
80/1     Overcome the adversity
80/1     Bloated federal government
100/1     Diversity of my heritage
100/1     Yes, we might
250/1     Life is like a box of chocolates

Source: Washington Times

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