Mouse tracks: Mickey’s hot on your trail …

According to Business Week

“Disney has launched a $1 billion experiment in crowd control, data collection, and wearable technology that could change the way people play—and spend—at the Most Magical Place on Earth. “



The innovation – called MyMagic – let’s Mickey track every move you make around the old Magic Kingdom.


The heart of the tracking system are bracelets called MagicBands, which “link electronically to an encrypted database of visitor information, serve as admission tickets, hotel keys, and credit or debit cards; a tap against a sensor pays for food or trinkets. “

The bands have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that give the Mickster the ability to monitor people and things.

On the plus side, “Intelligence collected using the bands coupled with what visitors input into the related My Disney Experience app and website help Disney determine when to add more staff at rides, what restaurants should serve, which souvenirs should be stocked, and how many employees in costume should roam around at any given time.”

More specifically, Mickey can sense if roaming near a ride that has a short line and text message you to get on over.

Or, you can order food via an app ,,, find a seat in the vicinity of the themed restaurant … and have a character locate you via GPS and shuttle your hot dog over to the spot.

Sounds reasonable.

Or, a character can ferret out you kids … walk up them … and freak them out by calling them by their names.

That one sounds a bit creepy to me.

Or, if you lose track of the little ones. you can ask Mickey where the hell they are.


Might work …


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