Trump: “Christie is a complete tool”

OK, he didn’t really say it … but, he might as well have.

Granted, it was a masterful coup by the Donald.

Little Marco made him squirm during the debate.

12 hours later, Trump takes all of the wind out of Rubio’s sail by rolling out (<= pun intended) Gov. Christie with an endorsement.

A clever play by Trump … a moment of reclamation for Christie?



Err, not so fast …

Did you notice how quickly Christie got banished … by Trump … by the media … and by his now-former supporters?


Let’s start with Trump.

Less than 48 hours later, a hot mic caught Trump telling Christie to “get on the plane and go home.”

Christie replied with a sheepish “OK”.

Now, it may have been an act of benevolence on Trump’s part … just allowing Christie to spend some quality time with his family after a grueling day.

Or, maybe the fish just started to smell.

You decide.


Then, the talking heads started pulling recent – very recent video footage of Christie lambasting Trump for his temperament and shallow depth on issues.

Geez, did Donald get that much more contemplative and smarter on the issues in just a couple of weeks?



It all came to a quick head when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos grilled Christie on his endorsement and Trump’s qualifications.

Since interviewers seem afraid to take Trump on, Christie apparently thought that he’d have free-range to spew his talking points.

Au contraire, mon ami.

Suddenly, Christie was forced to defend Trump’s temperament and depth … and reconcile his own remarks with his prior positions on The Donald.

A bit uncomfortable … and enough to make Christie cancel his appearance on subsequent Sunday talk shows.


No role as a Trump surrogate?


Then, on Monday, Christie got hit by the ladies Whitman.

First, former NJ Governor ChristyTodd Whitman – a Republican — who said that she couldn’t imagine what was going through Christie’s mind and said she’d vote for Hillary over Trump if the election came down to them.

More damaging was Meg Whitman – former Ebay CEO, now at HP – and, more relevant, one of the finance co-chairs of Christie’s failed presidential bid.

Meg completely threw Christie under the bus:

“Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump is an astonishing display of political opportunism.

Donald Trump is unfit to be President. He is a dishonest demagogue who plays to our worst fears. Trump would take America on a dangerous journey.

Christie knows all that and indicated as much many times publicly.

The Governor is mistaken if he believes he can now count on my support, and I call on Christie’s donors and supporters to reject the Governor and Donald Trump outright. I believe they will.

For some of us, principle and country still matter.” CNBC


No access to Christie’s donors?


As Trump would say: “By the way” … Meg Whitman has now signed on with the new anti-Trump PAC.


There’s still more …

Remember when the  New Hampshire Union Leader endorsed Christie?

Well, the paper’s publisher has retracted the endorsement, saying that he regrets having endorsed Christie.

In an editorial published Monday he wrote:

Boy, were we wrong.

We endorsed Chris Christie in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

Despite his baggage, we thought that as a Republican governor in a Democratic-leading state he had the skills and experience the presidency needs (and hasn’t had of late).

We also thought he had the best chance to take on and face down Donald Trump.

Watching Christie kiss the Donald’s ring this weekend — and make excuses for the man Christie himself had said was unfit for the presidency — demonstrated how wrong we were.

Rather than standing up to the bully, Christie bent his knee.



And that’s not all.

Trump did summon Christy to Miami as the opening-act to his press conference .

Then, when Trump was speaking, Christie was deep in the background looking like the recipient of a root canal … especially when Trump jabbed that jobs were moving to Florida from New York and New Jersey.

Yep, Gov. Christies’s New Jersey …..

Cristie = Trump 2


Let’s recap:

A loud-mouthed, loose cannon governor with an approval rating in the 30s spends a year in New Hampshire to garner a couple of points in the primary election before throwing in the towel and heading back to NJ with his tail between his legs,

He tries to regain his relevance as a king-maker … or, at least a king-breaker, reprising his Obama hug (anti-Mitt) and smooching Trump (anti-Rubio).

Once again, he’s riding high … on stage with Donald in front of 10,000 cheering fans.

Life is good again …

Then … BAM!


Memo to Gov. Christie: It was just another 15 minutes or so of fame.

Cristie = Trump

As one observer opined:

“It takes a sort of genius to look at Chris Christie and say ‘I want him to be my warm-up act, I want everyone to see I broke him.'”

You were played, dude.



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One Response to “Trump: “Christie is a complete tool””

  1. Bernardo Cabrera Y Zárate Says:

    Chris, you rrr a loooserrr. You r fired!

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